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Monday, April 23, 2012


Well Thursday I went to my eye doctor for a yearly diabetic eye exam. F They did all the usual eye doctor things, made me read off  letters, look in some sort of machine, check the pressure in my eyes, and then have my eyes dilated. The doctor came in asked some questions, check my eyes out a little, and then told me I had great vision! So far so good. Then he began  what seemed to be burning the eyes out of my skull by using whatever tools he used and some sort of light that seemed as bright as the sun. He started with my left eye,  made me look all directions then moved on to the right eye. He spent twice as long checking out this eye. I knew something wasn't right. Then  I heard it. He proceeded to explain that I have a tiny spot in my left eye.  Mild diabetic retinopathy.   He explained that it was very mild and that it may even go away if  I keep my blood sugars under control. Lets face it, you hear about these kinds of things that could happen when you have diabetes but you never really think they are going to happen to you. I asked him several questions. He also told me  that it is very common considering  I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 years now. He also explained  that 80% of  people living with diabetes for 15 years have retinopathy. I left and as soon as I got home I sobbed.  It is a reality check knowing that many years of not being in control has caught up with me but I also feel very lucky that this is the only complication this far. I refuse to let diabetes take my eye sight. I plan on doing everything in my power to kick its butt!