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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well hello there! This last week has been a little crazy so I thought i would take a few minutes to share it with you!

  • Yesterday I finalized the order for my teams shirts for the American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk! I was so happy to have a local business sponsor our team and pay for our shirts in full!!! Yipee!! The hardest part about this was getting several team members who had yet to register to finally register! The walk is only ten days away people! Lets get moving! I am also pleased to announce that out team is currently in seventh place and that only includes online donations from two team members!! I cant wait to see our teams final total! Oh and last time I checked the weather is going to be PERFECT!!!I cant wait!!!

  • Not this past Thursday but the Thursday before I got to wear this bad boy pictured above for 72 hrs.It is a Medtronic continuous glucose monitor.For those of you who dont know basically it records my blood sugar all the freakin time while I am wearing it. Then the Dr. pops it to a computer and downloads all my blood sugars so he can make adjustments to my insulin doses.Yes, I still have to check my glucose with my meter. lol. So first of all I am not sure why i picked the weekend to wear this thing! On Friday i participated in a 2hr Zumba Fitness marathon for charity and I almost sweated the poor thing off lol. Thank god I still had a box of IV3000 tape left over from my pumping days. Lord only know why I held onto them for the last six years! Then over the same weekend our refrigerator was acting up so my usual diet was not in full swing. I consumed a lot of peanut butter.(not that I don't usually) I LOVE peanut butter.mmmmmm, Also because of the zumba marathon I didn't eat dinner til almost 9pm! So im sure the journel I turned in with the cgm looked a lil nuts! But on a happier not I loved wearing this. I couldnt feel it and it felt like I had a little spy connected to me. I made better food choices and it forced me to stay in better control! Hopefully I will be pumping here again soon and will get to wear this all the time :). 
  • Following wearing the CGM. I made a stupid mistake. Last week I had to cover at the other office all week. I was all out of my routine! On Thursday I woke up, tested my bg which was 127, ate some yogurt, did my humolog and went to work. I felt high all morning. When I had a chance to to check my bg it was 312! How?! I had done the right dose of humolog! Then it hit me! I forgot to take my morning dose of lantus(I do lantus am and pm now)!  How could I forget that! I was so mad at myself! I guess I must have gotten caught up in the change of my normal work routine! Luckily I did corrective insulin and was back down in no time!Also on a side note check out Panera's nutrional facts! There food is more carb loaded then it seems!

Just a little bit of the craziness going on around here lately! Oh and I would love it if anyone reading this has any ideas for a creative banner our team is going to carry during the walk! Pleas feel free to share them here! I know there are alot of creative people in the DOC! P.S our teams mascot is a cupcake!!!

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  1. Isn't that a kick in the pancreas! I've been there where I forget my long-lasting insulin...it's amazing how high we can go without it.

    Best of luck on your walk...enjoy the day and perhaps take some pics for us! LOVE the cupcake team mascot!!!!!!!!!! :)