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Monday, September 5, 2011


OK, so I wasn't going to blog until tomorrow but something happened today that I couldn't resist waiting to share with whom ever stumbles upon this blog. I lost the remote to my TV and my TV is stuck on screen saver mode! I was so frustrated  I plopped down on my bed and pulled up twitter on my phone. I began to read some of today's new dblog posts and found myself on the you can do this project page.  Hold that thought.

I haven't known anyone with type one diabetes around my own age or had the opportunity to share anything honest about t1 in a very long time without feeling like people thought I was trying to start a "poor me" conversation. About a month ago I joined Twitter. Not knowing who to follow I searched for diabetes related twitter accounts. I stumbled upon Texting my Pancreas. Whoa! I was so happy! I though to myself this chick gets it! From there I have found the DOC! What a wonderful community! I just wanted to tell everyone about the DOC. My mom even made the comment to me "Wow. It's like you just discovered you have diabetes" lol.

Know back to  back to today. I was on the you can do this project page and I watched a few videos. Two of them really struck me . "Wow they have the same story as me" and "I have been feeling the exact same way" came to mind! I began to cry(because I am the most emotional person I know). One of the videos stated something along the lines of "If you haven't tested in three days its not to late test now"( I am going to be honest I haven't tested in about 4 days. Just going on how i feel or what I ate to dose myself.) Before watching these videos I was afraid to check my BG because I felt guilty for not checking over the last few days. As soon as the video ended I check my sugar. It was 197, could be worse!

So mainly the purpose of this blog post today is to say thank you DOC for helping me turn over a new leaf  on my diabetes control! I am overwhelmed with the amount of support, honest truth, and humor you all have to offer in dealing with our bum  pancreases! And a big big thank you to Kim from texting my pancreas for sharing in your wonderful blog and for starting the you can do this project ! I can do this! We can all do this!

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  1. Robyn, it makes me so happy that you have found the DOC! It's amazing how life-changing it is to be able to share our experiences and support each other when we need it. None of us are perfect, but we can always help each other work towards "better". :)